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GIANT ROBOT Distortion


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  • Image of GIANT ROBOT Distortion
  • Image of GIANT ROBOT Distortion
  • Image of GIANT ROBOT Distortion

Are you ready to bring out the big guns?


Mesa-style metal meltdown tones! Featuring the new GuitarPCB.com Boogie 57 PCB - this pedal will be dialed in for tight chugging riffs and blistering solos. Pat is a huge Buckethead fan, and now you can order our 'Big B' inspired metal distortion - an item we've long wanted to feature on the menu! Players can dial their nubs to endless delight via the Volume, 3 band EQ, Presence and Gain controls. But why hold back on this trip to Bucketheadland?; we threw in an on-board Blue Candle Boost for enhanced lead-lick mastery which you can use in the combo or independently.

And no, its not '1957' that gives the circuit it's name - they call it that because of the 2n5457 transistor; which is the key to such enjoyable amp-style tones. We pick ours by hand from our local coop - as organic and homegrown as it gets. The Bass knob is unreal on this one - containing hard rock and metal tones you will literally feel! Dial them back in coordination with your Mid and Treble knob and the sound will shift through many genres of heaviness. And it doesn't stop there - the Presence control tailors your distortion flavor even further by softening the blow or sharpening the edge. Be it thrash, punk, stoner, or even death or black metal - the Giant Robot will serve you well in combat. Garland FX is not responsible for severed digits or stumpy nubs, but we do include a Lifetime Service Warranty in the case of Slip-Disc getting in and messing something up.

Build Time: 10-15 Business Days (from day order is placed). Essentially 3 weeks.


- Crushing modern metal distortion with clean boost
- Guitar and Bass Guitar friendly!
- 1590BB medium/large enclosure
- True Bypass dual foot-switch wiring
- Gorva Design Soft-Click Footswitch
- Fabricated GuitarPCB.com Distortion circuit
- Point-to-point, hand-built Boost circuit
- Locally hand-sourced components; 2N5457 Transistors
- Camouflage tolex covering (Night Ops/Woodland)
- 9vDC Power ONLY
- Dual 5mm LEDs of choice
- 15mm Chrome-top Barrel Knobs for easy dialing
- Includes Storage Box, Pick, Sticker

**Buckethead is not an endorsee of Garland FX - we are merely huge fans and wanted to make a pedal that brings attention to one of our favorite people and guitar players.