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Image of COSMO Delay
  • Image of COSMO Delay
  • Image of COSMO Delay
  • Image of COSMO Delay
  • Image of COSMO Delay

Reach for the stars with this unique mixture of dark and light echo/delay! From faux-verb to near 1 second looping - the Cosmo has what it takes to envelop your guitar in the dark beauty of silky space. Lo-Fi space travelers will LOVE this pedal! It creates a fantastic organic sounding cassette-tape inspired atmosphere. Combine this PT2399 based circuit with Pat's onboard Pre Boost and you have a versatile vessel for traveling infinite celestial landscapes. And as always it is Oscillation capable for those freaky alien vibes. Shoegaze players will fall in love with the lo-fi fade out and ambience this pedal provides - it's almost like it has a built in reverb going on already + the echo. It completely nails that 'electric co.' tone. If you are a big fan of analog delays - give this a try; it might just have you quitting your search for a DM-2. And with the onboard Dry Volume knob - you'll never drop out of the mix! Choose from a number of hand-etched space themes using the provided reference image, or go with the classic tweed Pat is known for!

Build Time: 5-10 Business Days (from day order is placed).

- Hybrid Analog/Digital-style Delay for Guitar and Bass
- Up to 800+ms of delay repeats that fade from bright to dark
- Repeats overall brighter on low time settings, darker on long
- True Bypass foot-switch wiring
- GuitarPCB.com PCB*, hand-built assembly
- Hand-picked components, socketed IC Chips
- Unique hand-etched space theme w/ clearcoat
- 9vDC Power
- 5mm Effect Bypass LED
- Feedback Oscillation capability
- Includes Storage Box, Sticker, Picks, and Manual
- Available in multiple finishes/colors
- Customizable LEDs, Knobs, Finish

Pedalboard dimensions: 4.8"L x 2.7"W x 1.9"H

*Patrick Garland is an approved GuitarPCB.com builder