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1970 Fuzz Drive


Image of 1970 Fuzz Drive
  • Image of 1970 Fuzz Drive
  • Image of 1970 Fuzz Drive
  • Image of 1970 Fuzz Drive
  • Image of 1970 Fuzz Drive
An old school distortion that is truly far-out, man!

The 1970s began amidst a revolution of rock and roll tones. So many bands and artists were pushing the envelope of gain through unique fuzzboxes, wah pedals, and amplifiers. One of those circuits was the Electra distortion, which some companies actually installed directly into the guitar's output. Patrick's 1970 Fuzz Drive captures a few of those crankier sounding nostalgic tones in this interestingly-clipped silicon NPN transistor-based overdrive. Lower Intensity settings give you a great old-school tube amp crunch, but as you increase the dial it becomes fatter and hotter.

Engaging the onboard Intensity Bypass toggle cuts the Intensity knob out of the circuit and gives you the full 'in your face' experience of weird tube amp-style distorted tones on the verge of explosion! We found that it gets very close to that Stooges 'amp being driven into fuzzy destruction' type sound, and at the same time killing that Kinks/Santana/Doors/Clapton sound - all in a simple and budget friendly package. The harder you pick, the harder it clips; the sensitivity on this thing is really interesting. Need it to just be a boost? Play quietly. Need it to be clippy? Play hard. Humbuckers made it crunch out a little more, while single coil pickups had sweeter and smoother play. Try it on Guitar or Bass! MAKE RIFFS, NOT WAR!

Build Time: 10-15 Business Days (from day order is placed). Essentially 3 weeks.

- Vintage Distortion for Guitar or Bass
- 1590B small/mid size enclosure
- True Bypass foot-switch wiring
- Point-to-point, hand-built circuit assembly
- Hand-picked components
- 9vDC Power ONLY
- INTENSITY BYPASS toggle-switch
- 5mm Effect Bypass LED
- 3mm Gain Bypass LED
- Includes Storage Box, Manual, Stickers, Picks
- Available in multiple finishes/colors
- Customizable LEDs, Knobs, Finish

Pedalboard dimensions (including knobs/jacks) : 4.5"L x 2.7"W x 1.9"H