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Current as of  7/22/2019

Below is an up to date list of clients awaiting builds from our workshop. If you have a question about your pedal order, please email Pat at garlandfx2@gmail.com

*Key Legend
ORDERED: The day you ordered your pedal from the website
COMPLETED: The day your pedal was fully tested and boxed up
SHIPPED: The day your pedal was actually received by the USPS (pedals dropped off after PO cutoff time will ship the next day)
ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival - The time that we estimate your pedal to arrive based on USPS tracking/estimates
ETC: Estimated Time of Completion - the time we feel your pedal will be fully ready to box up and ship out.
TBD: To Be Determined - we're getting to you, just hang tight!


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COMPLETED - 7/29/2019


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*ETC - 7/24/2019

Trades, gifts, and donation builds will not be listed on/ the Client Build List. This list is primarily reserved for first-serve clients and pedals being sent out to demo colleagues. Interested in demoing our pedals? Contact us! Please do keep in mind that full paying clients will be at the front of the build line. Demos/gifts/donations will be moved to the rear as we must make paying clients our priority. Please be patient with your pedal build and we will knock it out asap! This page exists for the sole reason of keeping things honest and clear for those waiting on Garland FX pedals.